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A lawyer is a critical element to any court or legal proceeding. As such, it is essential to find the right lawyer to fit one’s particular needs. It is possible to switch lawyers when needed.

Generally, when a person chooses a lawyer, they rely on word of mouth or research. Sometimes, those recommendations work out. Other times – not so much. Below you’ll find a small list of signs to look for a new lawyer.

They Don’t Return Calls

Communication is a critical element, especially in the world of law. If your lawyer doesn’t have the time to call back their clients, there is something seriously wrong behind the scenes. It could be that their caseload is too much, or it could be countless other reasons. None of which means that you, as the client, need to stick around. 

For those that are unsure of how long to wait for a call, in general, a lawyer should strive to get back to their clients within forty-eight hours. Remember, one should not count holidays or weekends as part of those hours.

No Progress

A lawyer’s job is to help their client through legal proceedings. If it starts to feel like a lawyer is no longer making progress on a case, it is okay to take a step back and reassess the situation. To be clear: there is a difference between a slow pace and a complete lack of progress. Sometimes legal proceedings can take time, so try to be patient and understanding.

Unclear Billing Practices

Hiring a lawyer typically is not a small expense, as you’re paying for both their time and expertise. However, lawyers need to be upfront in their billing practices – from behind-the-scenes work to overhead fees and everything in between. 

If your lawyer is intentionally misleading about how they will charge you, maybe it’s time to reconsider signing that paperwork. Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with walking away from an attorney padding their time to make more money.

A Lack of Caring

Lawyers are, in many ways, advocates for their clients. As such, you always want to find one who empathizes with your or the situation. Naturally, this means that if the lawyer doesn’t seem to care, it is okay to consider other options.